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We Move Homes (terms and conditions) We have full goods in transit cover for goods up to a value of £20,000 We also have £2,000,0000 of cover of public liability insurance.

1) Loss of or damage to food or drink, furs, jewellery, watches, precious metals and precious stones, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money, stamps of all kinds, manuscripts and other documents
2) Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear, tear, gradual deterioration, Mildew, moth, vermin and or any prices of cleaning, repairing or restoring. >mechanical and/or electrical derangement unless caused by external means
3) Breakage of owner-packed goods unless caused by a major accident to the means of conveyance.
4) Loss or damage occurring in premises where the goods are stored, warehoused or temporarily housed u less in the ordinary course of transit.
5) We will not be liable for any goods existingly damaged or failed of which we were not previously notified.
6) We will not be liable for any goods packaged by the customer. Unless contents were damaged by our neglect.
7) We will not be liable for any late delivery or delay when a delivery time and or date is which has been previously agreed.

We may agree to increase our liability, for an additional charge. We will not unreasonably withhold consent to such a request. This is not insurance cover and you are strongly advised to accept the insurance offered in our quotation, or if arranging insurance cover yourself, you are advised to show this contract to your insurance company.

We will accept liability for loss or damage
(a) Arising from our negligence whilst the goods are in our physical possession, or
(b) Whilst the goods are in the possession of others if the loss or damage is established to have been caused by our negligence, subject to the claim.

Where we engage an international transport operator, shipping company or airline to convey your goods to the place, port or airport of destination, we do so on your behalf and subject to the terms and conditions set out by that carrier. If the carrying vessel/conveyance, should for reasons beyond the carrier’s control, fail to deliver the goods, or route them to a place other than the original destination, you have limited recourse against the carrier, and may be liable for General Average contribution (e.g. the costs incurred to preserve the vessel/conveyance and cargo) and salvage charges, or the additional cost of onward transmission to the place, port or airport of destination. These are insurable risks and it is your responsibility to arrange adequate marine/transit insurance cover.

We do not accept liability for goods confiscated, seized, removed or damaged by Customs Authorities or other Government Agencies unless we have been negligent or in breach of contract.

Work not included in the quotation

Unless agreed by us in writing, we will not:
Dismantle or assemble furniture of any kind. Disconnect, re-connect, dismantle or re-assemble appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment. Take up or lay fitted floor coverings. Move items from a loft. Move storage heaters unless they are dismantled. Dismantle or assemble garden furniture and equipment including, but not limited to: sheds, greenhouses, garden shelters, outdoor play equipment, and satellite dishes, or move paving slabs, planters and the like. Our staff are not authorised or qualified to carry out such work. We recommend that a properly qualified person is separately employed by you to carry out these services.

Goods not to be submitted for removal or storage

Unless previously agreed in writing by a Director or other authorised company representative, the following items must not be submitted for removal or storage and will under no circumstances be moved or stored by us.

Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition. Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of any similar kind. Plants or goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination. Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment. Any animals, birds or fish, reptiles or plants. Goods which require special license or government permission for export or import. We shall notify you in writing as soon as practicable if any of the Goods, are in our opinion hazardous to health, dirty or unhygienic or likely to attract vermin or pests and under what conditions we would be prepared to accept such goods or whether we refuse to accept them. Should we refuse to accept the goods we pwill have no liability to you. If you submit such goods without our knowledge we will make them available for your collection and if you do not collect them within 7 days of written notification from us, we will dispose of any such goods found in the consignment. You agree to pay us any charges, expenses, damages, legal costs or penalties reasonably incurred by us in disposing of the goods.

Payment Terms:
Payment shall be made to We Move Homes on the final day of completion of services for the amount agreement between We Move Homes and client before services were carried out. Any additional chargeable work outside of initial quotation will be notified by We Move Homes to Client and agreed before carried out.

Payment must be made in full upon completion of the agreed work, please make sure you have the payment ready. If the payment is not ready upon completion our standard daily charge may be incurred if our movers are having to wait.

Late Payment:
Failure to pay on the final day of work completion will incure a £50 fine daily until the outstanding balance is paid in full to We Move Homes.

Working Hours:
We Move Homes working hours are 06:00 – 20:00. We Move Homes do not work after the hours of 20:00. In the event your move will run past this time due to no fault of We Move Homes, for example but not limited to: receiving your property keys late, unloading your items late due to insufficient or incorrect packing by the customer, then We Move Homes will take your items to our stoarage unit and re-deliver the next available day. In the event your items are taken back to
our storage unit and a re-delivery is scheduled, a fee will incur of;
1) An overnight storage fee,
2) Transport for your items to be re-delivered,
3) Wages for required staff for the day.

There will be no fee if the move is running past 20:00 due to a fault from We Move Homes or our staff will work past this time to complete your move.

Waiting Time:
We allow up to 1 hour for our Team and Vehicle to wait for keys as a gesture of good will but there after we charge £45 per hour for our time. We Move Homes do not work past the hour of 20:00, if your move or waiting time does go past this time, we may take the remaining goods back into the vehicle to store overnight and re-deliver the following day. In the event of We Move Homes having to take away your goods and re-deliver, you as the customer will incur further charges for the following;
1) Storage charges
2) Staff Wages
3) Vehicle and Petrol for re-delivery
you may get refunded by your solicitor as due to such late keys but please speak to your solicitor for their full terms and conditions.

Ownership of the goods:
By entering into this contract you confirm to us that: The goods to be removed are your own property or you have the authority of the owner of the property to make this contract in respect of the goods to be removed or stored. You will be responsible to pay for any claim for damages and/or costs against either of the above if this proves to be untrue.

Our rights to withhold goods:
We have a legal right to withhold goods until you have paid all our charges and other payments due under this contract. These include any charges that we have paid out on your behalf. While we hold the goods and wait for payment you will be liable to pay all storage charges and other costs incurred as a result of withholding your goods and these terms and conditions will continue to apply.

Time limits for claims:
We will not be liable for any loss or damage to any goods unless any claim for loss or damage is notified to us in writing within 7 days of either collection by you or delivery by us to their destination.

Damage to premises:
We shall only be liable for damage to premises caused by our negligence. Any damages to premises must be noted on the delivery receipt and confirmed in writing to us within 7 days unless you request a reasonable extension which must be agreed in writing.

Non-packing services

Please ensure any glass items including glass wardrobes are properly wrapped and protected to avoid damage as we are not responsible to wrap and pack items that have not previously been agreed by both sides.

If we dismantle a glass wardrobe the price is to dismantle not to wrap, so it is the customers responsibility if not previously agreed, that the customer will have to wrap any glass items that have been dismantled as we will not be responsible for any scratches or damage unless we have dropped it or otherwise.

Scratches will be the customers responsibility if not properly wrapped.

Tvs must be in a box or have some kind of protection as we will not be responsible for any scratches unless we agree to provide the materials and pack for a extra fee.

Any mirrors should have bubble wrap and any fragile pictures that cannot be put in a box.

All kitchen glass ware must be properly wrapped and protected inside the boxes and not just put in on their own glass on glass as we will not be responsible for any breakages.

We use furniture blankets as a gesture of good will and cover most wooden furniture but again this does not cover the whole piece, so it will be the customers responsibility to wrap any items that may be of value to them including sofas, you can purchase large plastic sheets for items such as sofas and mattresses etc.

We shall provide these materials if previously agreed through email but we are not responsible for damages or scratches if you haven’t provided them.

Any new furniture that the customer is worried about scratches or damages must again be fully wrapped and packed themselves it will not be our responsibility to wrap and full protect any fragile or new furniture unless previously agreed and the extra fee we charge is applied.

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